Churchills Humidor
Churchills Humidor
Churchills Humidor
Churchills Humidor
Churchills Humidor
Churchills Humidor
Churchills Humidor
Churchills Humidor
Churchills Humidor

The Churchills Humidor is filled with over a 1000 cigar facings!!! From one of a kind boutique blends to every day smokes, there is something for everyone. Bellow you will find some of the main cigar companies whos vast array of products we carry. Click on image to find out more about them.

ACME Cigar Company
ACME cigar has a classic name and they make some classic smokes such as the ROUTE 66.
Arturo Fuente Cigar Company
You can not go wrong with a Fuente.
AJ Fernandez
They produce premium cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua under the watchful eye of AJ himself.
American Kick Ass Cigars, enough said.
Alec Bradley
From seed to smoke Alec Bradley makes fine cigars.
Hand crafated in the Dominican Republic, Ashton makes some great cigars.
Brought to you by C.L.E. by way of the impecable palate of Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiroa, Asylum has a cigars that will satisfy.
"With his passion for jazz, an irresistible charm, and an appetite for new experiences, Avo Uvezian became a composer of fine cigars as a way of life. Creating rare and beautiful moments to be savored and shared by all."
Cain cigars are yet another fine creation from the Oliva cigar company.
From every day bold smokes to custom built cigars inspired by people such as Mike Ditka Camacho supplies cigars that are larger than life.
CAO creates some of the the worlds best cigars at a competitive price range.
Casa Fernandez
Casa Fernandez offers some of the finest hand rolled cigars today.
Casa Magna
A fine product brought to you by Quesada Cigars.
With over 100 years and 3 generations of experience working with tobacco, C.L.E creates a vast array of premium cigars.
Though these Cohibas are not made in Cuba, they are still a fine smoke brought to you by the General Cigar Company.
Crowned Heads
"Crowned Heads is a premium cigar company committed to producing cigars of artisanal quality that are defined by a combination of excellent flavor, balance, and consistency."
Dannemann has a passion for tobaccos that is present in their products.
Created by AJ Fernandez, these cigars are a bold smoke.
Drew Estate
"The rebirth of cigars!" From New York to Esteli, Nicaragua Drew estates creates cigars that satisfy every flavor profile under the moon.
Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust brings you premium cigars that satisfy the pallet such as the Sobramessa and the Mi Querida Nicaragua lines.
British American Tobaccos
Yet another fine product brought to you by Quesada.
Inspired by science and nature, the Foundry Collective creates some fine creative cigars.
Hoyo creates some excellent cigars.
Illusione creates some unique cigars for the expanding world.
JC Newman
"J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s long history dates back more than a century to 1895, when Julius Caeser Newman rolled his first cigars in the family barn in Cleveland, Ohio."
A fine cigar brand brought to you by Casa Fernandez.
J. Fuego
"Where there is smoke, there is FUEGO!"
Joya De Nicaragua
Joyo De Nicaragua has been producing premium cigars in Nicaragua since 1968.
Aladino, Rancho Luna, Tatascan, a few fine cigars brought to you by JRE Tobacco.
"A rich family history spanning over a 100 years in the region of Central America. With origins in agriculture , the Kafie's have long enjoyed premium tobacco for over a Century."
Manufactured in the Danli Region of Honduras, Kuuts creates some fine cigars.
La Casta
Produced using Mexico’s finest Cigar tobacco, La Casta cigars are a fine smoke.
La Galera
Produced in the Dominican Republic, this are fine cigars.
La Gloria
Touted as the original boutique cigar company, these smokes are not bad at all.
La Palina
"La Palina cigars embody the finest aspects of craftsmanship, rolled in tradition with unwavering quality and care."
La Flor Dominica
La Flor Dominicana was founded in 1996 in Santiago, Dominican Republic, they have been creating fantastic cigars ever since.
"Every single Macanudo shares the same journey as the very first Macanudo cigar, which was handcrafted in 1968."
Taking no shortcuts, they produce fine cigars.
Their cigars aim to emulate the fabled cigar culture of Cuba.
the Jose Pepin Garcia family create some of the finest award winning cigars, and have been doing so for a long time.
Stumpy but bold and long lasting, these are yet another great smoke brought to you by Oliva.
Brought to the democratic world by Gilberto Oliva Sr., the Oliva family are Nicaragua's second largest grower of Cuban-seed tobacco. They make some of the worlds finest cigars.
Oscar Valladares
The Leaf and Island Jim are just a couple examples of the fine cigars created by Oscar Vallades Tobacco & Co.
Though not the Cuban Partagas, these cigars will leave you wanting another.
Perdomo creates some of the finest cigars for the entire free world to enjoy.
Quesada produces some great cigars. Click here to find out more.
Rocky Patel
Never hesitant to give you his time and expertise, Rocky Patel makes some of the best cigars around.
Roma Craft
"Our philosophy is simple: Combine quality tobacco, experienced craftsmen and the right amount of time and you will produce great cigars."
San Cristobal
A beautiful cigar line brought to you by Ashton.
San Pareil
Their mission of providing elite cigars for those discerning consumers seeking the perfect cigar smoking experience.
Brought to you by Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust the Sobramesa is an exquisite line of cigars.
Southern Draw
"Southern Draw Cigars was founded by U.S. Veterans with a desire to recognize and defend our southern traditions, while honoring the history of tobacco and those resilient families who have cultivated, fermented and aged it to perfection."
Brought to you by the rock n' roll inspired pallet of Pete Johnson these cigar line ups are scarry good.
Classic never goes out of style.
Award Wining Pipe

Pipes pipes and more pipes, we have one of the largest selections in the midwest! In addition those listed bellow we carry other brands. Including some rare one of a kind pipes such as the 4 bowl Preben Holm pictured here, once prominently featured in the Guiness Book of World Records this pipe is truely awesome.

Nording Pipes

We proudly feature Nørding pipes here at Churchills. One can not begin to discribe the level of inginuity, craftsmanship and creativity that Erik Nørding has contributed to the pipe inustry over the years. You can also find Nørding cigars made by Rocky Patel in our humidor. No pipe collection can be considered complete with out one of these fine pipes.

RP by Nørding
RP by Nording Pipes

Crafted by good friend Erik Nørding and signed off on by Rocky Patel these are pipes to be desired.

Peterson Pipes

Since 1865 Peterson of Dublin have been hand-crafting prestine pipes. To this day their motto "The Thinking Man Smokes a Peterson Pipe” rings loud. We have a fine selection of Peterson pipes ready for you to add to your collection.


Hand craftd in Italy, these pipes are made with a level of passion and love cultivated through a rich family history of pipe artisans, who continue to craft exquisite pipes to this day; come get yours today!

Viking Pipes

For the price, these pipes can not be beat.

Meerschaum Pipe
Meerschaum Pipe
Meerschaum Pipe
Meerschaum Pipe
Meerschaum Pipe
Meerschaum Pipe

Searching for a unique finely crafted Meerschaum pipe? Look no further, we have more than a few.

Pipe Tobacco

We have a vast selection of fine tobacco available. Including those listed, custom and other blends are available!


Our #1 selling tobacco that is a light enjoyable aromatic. A blend consisting of Virginia, Carolina Burley, Toasted Cavendish, and just a dash of Deer Tongue. J-M-L with its own mild distinction is a tobaccoo for the all day smoker.

John's Regular

The very first of Churchills originl blends. Cube cut burley and Virginia flake. with minimum amounts of deer tongue and St. James Perique added as condiments. A slow burning natural mixture designed to satisfy even the most sensitive palate.


Aromatic Burley blends in the finest traditions. Its a natural flavor with a nutty essence that makes a welcome change for any smoker.


Mild light smoke with a pleasant aroma. The casing is very similar to the old Mars Bars.

Galley Gold

Light pleasing aromatic with superb burning qualities. The hint of vanilla comes through the subtle flavorings of this tobacco to make it a little fuller bodied than Excalibur.


Unusual blend flavored with champgne and a vanilla casing mild enough for the beginning smoker.

Sweet Dixie

Toasted cavendish developed from old belt Virginia and burley, pressed and cut into cavendish form. Very compatible with that early morning or late evening cup of coffee.


A medium strength tobacco that is a blend of Johns Regular and Sweet Dixie. Just the right blend for a smooth medium smoke that is great for a change of pace.

Class Act

Gently flavored with champagne and a little bit of the berry.


This is a true classic of the old English tradition. A medium to full strength blend of Latakia, Oriental, and Golden Virginia. Truly for the man who smokes for himself.

Premium Blend Tobaccos
John Sinclair

Matured Virginia with a touch of Perique in flake form, for the smoker who enjoys a medium to full flavor that excites the senses. Superb outdoor smoke.

Dark Horse

Dark Navy Flake medium to full bodied that may be smoked as is, or rubbed out to adjust the burning to your own personal taste.

After Hours

True classic Virginia flake with a smooth rich flavor. Takes you back to when life was simpler, and tobacco was truly an enjoyable smoke.


Luxury navy flake with Perique to add the spice that makes this a great blend.

Kansas Sweet

By far our most popular tobacco flavored with different types of cherries along with a balanced blend of lemon Virginias and Black Cavendish.

Brave Heart

Ye need not to have a brave heart to enjoy a fine broken flake with Perique and Orange and Red Virginias. This well balanced blend brings back pleasant memories.

Esoterica Tobacciana

These tobaccos arrive in limited quantities and sell fast, get them while you can!


A harmonious blend of old and dark Virginias with small portions of burley and air-cured-leaf. Matured by a special process over 100 years old, producing a unique naatural aroma and piquant flavor.


A notably smooth blend of six Virginia tobccors, light in color, soft, and satisfying.


A mature recipe of seven types of Virginia tobaccos blended with Louisiana Perique, lightly pressed for several days to mellow the mixture then cut into flakes and rubbed up. A high quality blend with a savory taste and a fine bouquet. An outstanding tobacco with a rich depth of flavor.


Produced by hot pressing dark and Golden Virginias until jet-black, resulting in a symphony of delicate aromas and expuisite flavors.


A compex mixture of six light Virginias pressed until reddish brown and then rubbed out, plus olden and dark Virginias hot pressed until jet-black. Twelve different Virginia tobaccos lightly laced with licorice and natureal frut extracts, perfectly blended and fully matured. A true luxury blend that leaves the pipe clan and dry.


A mixture of six light Virginias plus Golden and Dark Virginias with air-cured leaf nd a pinch o Louisiana Perique. Easy burning is ensured by the carefully selected cut. The Perique balances the Virginias, a blend that will satisfy the discerning palate.


A classic Eglish mix done in the old syle of the many fine tobaccos that have disappeared from the market. Choice Oreintals and generous quantities o premium Cyprian Ltakia keynote theis rich, full bodied blend. A well balanced, robust, and eminently satisfying smoke.


We carry all the necessary items to meet pipe and cigar smokers needs.